Elf Provinciƫn, is owned by the Record company Dureco, that has been around since 1952 (later became Weesp). From 1969 that they come up with the Elf Provincien label, on which exclusively focused on the Dutch songand on instrumental music (especially the accordion music very popular at the time). Well-known artists found their way to this label: Ben Cramer, Pierre Kartner, Corry Konings, Wilma, Jacques Herb, Anja and Johnny, De Kermisklanten, Gebroeders Brouwer, etc. The first LPs date from 1969, the last from 1979. In these 10 year more than 500 titles have been published. Dureco had the pleasant habit of providing EVERY side of the album (the A and B side of singles and LPs) with a number, the so-called Du-number. Using this song, which they also used for all their other labels, such as Pink Elephant, Blue elephant and Capri, it is possible to make a complete chronological list of everything that came out with Dureco, which was quite a lot when you consider that. the first LP on Elf Provincien number Du 20,344 got. This is ELF 42.02, the second LP of the double album '12 Fairytales' (the first LP of this double album was already released because it has number Du1 1474). Chronologically the second LP is ELF 75.11 'Long Shall We Live With the Sinkers' (Du 20.438). Obviously, the four-digit code on the cover has no chronological meaning. The highest number is Du 24,968 from 1974. After that, the numbers were either abolished or they are simply no longer published. So between the first and last Eleven Provinces LP there are more than 4000 Du songs. This means that between 1969 and 1974 Dureco released more than 2000 unique items (singles and LPs on all their labels!). On the label Elf Provinces 'only' 200 LPs have a Du number (of the total about 600 LPs